About Us

Driver: David

Owner & Driver: Angel

Firstly, I would like to thank you for taking the time to visit our website and giving us the chance to tell you a little about David and myself (Angel).

D & D horse transport was originally founded By Duke & Barbara Vierra in the 1970's, Dukes son, David Vierra, Joined his father in the horse transporting business.  It was at this point that the name "D & D Horse Transport" was established.   Duke and David shared a love of driving and caring for horses, having owned, bred, raised and shown horses their whole lives. 

When Duke passed away in 2007, David kept the company going in his father's honor, maintaining the name D & D Horse Transport.  At the present, David and Angel, continue to operate D & D Horse Transport as a team, transporting horses from the West Coast  to Oklahoma and Texas twice a month with a high degree or integrity and reliability.

Here is a little more information about David & Angel:

I have been a Class A (CDL) Driver since the age of 18 years of age.  Before I started hauling horses with my father Duke Vierra, my father owned a trucking company.  I love horses and have been around them my entire life.  To this date, I enjoy trail riding my horses and of course fishing.  Nothing better than doing what you love for a job.

I started transporting horses about 1 year before my father-in-law passed away.  I come from a back ground of horse training.  My specialties included starting horses under saddle, colt-starting, trail, trailering with all types of discipline and breeds including PMU, Mustangs.  My main goal has always been to put a safe foundation on the horses I have worked with.  I enjoy working with others on Horsemanship so horse and rider have a more pleasant relationship.  

College Courses: Ag. 236: Introduction to horse training.  Ag. 147: Horse Training II-Building a Foundation.  Ag. 148: Horse Training III-Advanced Horsemanship.  Ag. 150: Broodmare Management.  Ag. 228: Equine Business Management.  Ag: 203: Animal Feeds and Nutrition.  Ag. 210: Animal Health & Disease.

I enjoy this business, being able to help horses have a great trailering experience.  I agree with David 100% there is nothing more rewarding than doing a job you love.  I also enjoy riding my horses.

D & D Horse Transport